Friday, March 24, 2006

Dreams & Surprises
I haven't woke in tears in a very long time, but last night I had a horrible dream that I was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor told me that even if I had the treatment it wouldn't extend my life for much more than a couple of months, and without I was looking at weeks. Wow. That put a damper on a restful night. So glad it was just a dream. I believe it may have been a sign to be more conscious of the pleasure of life as well as my own physical health.
On a FAR more positive note... I couldn't believe it when I saw that a famous, published author had visited my blog and been kind enough to comment. Mr. Dorrell ("Living the Artist's Life") stopped in last night. How cool is that!? I'm amazed he had the time with all the projects he's got going on. I found his book so inspiring and discovering his comment in my very own blog was wonderful boost for me. - Joyce Brandon


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