Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tortoise Progress

I didn't like the blue - I wanted it to be warm and dry - so here's where I am now! I am quite pleased with how she is turning out.

I'm searching for a good digital camera, specifically for photographing my paintings. Something that will still allow me to afford groceries for the next three weeks! Any ideas?

My husband's parents sent $$ for his birthday and he finally got the 12 gauge he's been wanting. He actually lucked out and got a top of the line Mossberg for a great price.

Let's see... What else is up? The weather is DIVINE today. Must be near 70 and all the robins and blackbirds and finches and starlings and sparrows are filling the yard. Arround here, seeing a robin is a harbinger of spring... but I don't really get the fever until I start hearing the red-winged blackbirds sing!

Have a Beautiful weekend - Joyce Brandon


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