Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm back! We survived a very busy weekend. My husband and I even managed to go out to dinner together. I did get to sneak in some reading here and there - made it to chapter 4. Mr. Dorrell has a very conversational style - it's like he's talking with you over a cup of coffee, or a bottle of beer. Makes for a very easy read. So far his advice does apply to all artists, and it's got a very lived in feel. I'm enjoying it greatly!
I managed to get 0 painting done. Keeping everyone happy and fed didn't leave much time for me to haul my supplies down from my room and get all set up to paint. So once again this gets me thinking about my wish to get the attic converted into my studio. We'll have to play a game of musical rooms - which in all honesty I find quite exciting. My son will get the large basement playroom, my husdand and I will move out of the attic bedroom into our son's bedroom and I will convert the attic into my own studio. But it's going to take some work on the playroom to make me feel comfortable having my son sleeping down there. - Joyce Brandon


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