Saturday, January 27, 2007

I am so excited! One of our two pregnant Jersey Woolies has had a healthy litter of baby rabbits! The kits are wriggling and warm & Cinders (the mommy) is doing great. Please visit the Sparrow Grass Rabbitry blog to see their first baby pictures. - Joyce Brandon

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Can't Sit Still!
We are expecting a special delivery this week... Our two Jersey Wooly does are due on the 26th and yesterday I felt the kits kicking around for the first time. Please visit the Sparrow Grass Rabbitry blog to keep up with the news on our sweetest little rabbits!
I worked on my painting Monday, just like I said I would, but kept getting error messages when trying to load posts yesterday. So I gave up and this morning switched over to the new version of blogger. I hope it will reduce the problems I've been having recently with posting & adding images. Speaking of... Here's my Kestrel as he was yesterday morning.

Today is grocery day so I'll have to force myself to leave... Rabbit gestation is 28-31 days so they could really have their babbies any minute. Remember that Christmas morning feeling when you were about 8 years old? Yep. Thats where I've been since yesterday!

Wish us luck! - Joyce Brandon

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Week
Starting with ice storms & followed with 4 days of plumbing problems (aaaaaack!).
I'm headed to the studio & will post my progress later today or early tomorrow. Just thought I'd stop here first and let you all know I'm still kicking (and screaming?).
Wonder what other artists are blogging about today? Drop by the Worldwide Women Artists who Blog Lense on Squidoo! Also... If you haven't stopped in lately, I've been a busy girl working on my website Feel free to drop it and check it out. - Joyce Brandon

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Manning Lewis Studios
Meet a new member of the Worldwide Women Artists! Visit Paula Manning-Lewis' Journal of a New Mexico Artist. I found the link to her site in one of her introductory emails to the group and I love her southwestern landscapes! I'll be adding her link to my little list off to the right... So you can find her even when this post passes from this main page. Check her out. - Joyce Brandon

Monday, January 08, 2007

Birds & Bows & Land Bug Woes
My little kestrel is coming along, bit by bit.
I didn't get to paint yesterday - Cole took us to Gander Mountain and bought me a compound bow. We had so much fun with target practice until the wind picked up and the temperature dropped like a rock. Then our friends dropped by and the kids ran around playing while we stood out in the garage mulling over the prospect of purchasing 15 acres of timber by the creek.
Cole can't stop thinking about it. He has been bitten HARD by the land bug. It's a very nice piece of land, just down the road. We'd be able spend the summers camping & playing in the creek, then be able to hunt it through the fall & winter.
In other news... Saturday morning Cole told Gillian she needed to clean up her room. It soon became very quiet and I began to wonder if she'd snuck downstairs, so I peeked in her room and this is what I saw...

She was sound asleep under the big alligator that my mom knitted for her last year. She loves that critter. - Joyce Brandon

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Darn it! I missed whooping it up for my 100th post. Ah well. I guess I'll have to make it a double at 200.
I'm working on an 11x14 acrylic of the American Kestrel and will not be posting a picture of it yet. You may remember I mentioned that ugly stage that so many paintings go through. Well this one seems to me to be verging on terminal.
Instead I have posted a new photo of myself for my profile (you know... off to the upper right). Now that one I like. - Joyce Brandon