Monday, January 08, 2007

Birds & Bows & Land Bug Woes
My little kestrel is coming along, bit by bit.
I didn't get to paint yesterday - Cole took us to Gander Mountain and bought me a compound bow. We had so much fun with target practice until the wind picked up and the temperature dropped like a rock. Then our friends dropped by and the kids ran around playing while we stood out in the garage mulling over the prospect of purchasing 15 acres of timber by the creek.
Cole can't stop thinking about it. He has been bitten HARD by the land bug. It's a very nice piece of land, just down the road. We'd be able spend the summers camping & playing in the creek, then be able to hunt it through the fall & winter.
In other news... Saturday morning Cole told Gillian she needed to clean up her room. It soon became very quiet and I began to wonder if she'd snuck downstairs, so I peeked in her room and this is what I saw...

She was sound asleep under the big alligator that my mom knitted for her last year. She loves that critter. - Joyce Brandon


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