Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Can't Sit Still!
We are expecting a special delivery this week... Our two Jersey Wooly does are due on the 26th and yesterday I felt the kits kicking around for the first time. Please visit the Sparrow Grass Rabbitry blog to keep up with the news on our sweetest little rabbits!
I worked on my painting Monday, just like I said I would, but kept getting error messages when trying to load posts yesterday. So I gave up and this morning switched over to the new version of blogger. I hope it will reduce the problems I've been having recently with posting & adding images. Speaking of... Here's my Kestrel as he was yesterday morning.

Today is grocery day so I'll have to force myself to leave... Rabbit gestation is 28-31 days so they could really have their babbies any minute. Remember that Christmas morning feeling when you were about 8 years old? Yep. Thats where I've been since yesterday!

Wish us luck! - Joyce Brandon


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