Saturday, February 10, 2007


Wow! I'm so sorry it's been a bit since my last post of a work in progress. I started on this one last week, but was leery of posting it because I didn't know for certain if it was going to be a gift/surprise. But now I know that the only ones who don't know about the portrait are the subjects themselves! And really, unless I send some dog biscuits along, I doubt if the subjects will be all that impressed anyway, LOL.

At the same time our little bunny babies are doing great. All 5 are growing wonderfully. I hope you'll take a moment to see their latest photos on the Sparrow Grass Rabbitry blog... Also we have a regular website for the rabbitry We're very proud of our wonderful doe Cinders. She's taken excellent care of her own and calmly accepted an orphan. Great momma bunny. - Joyce Brandon


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