Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Photos
Although it was FREEZING on Halloween, we still managed to go trick-or-treating in the nearby town. Charles and Gillian were so cute in their costumes. And when Gillian was too cold & worn out to go on, she got a ride on Daddy's shoulders. Charles visited a couple of houses on the way back to the car and he was sweet enough to ask for a treat for his little, worn out sister.
The first photo is of Gillian as Leia with the cape I'd sewn for her & using Yoda's light saber. The other photos are on Halloween, just before we left. I love how Gillian is looking with admiration at her big brother. They didn't want to wear their cloaks because it was pretty warm in the house... But they were very thankful I'd made them once we got out in the cold night air! - Joyce Brandon


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