Saturday, September 09, 2006

It sure doesn't feel like Saturday. Cole didn't get home till 11:45 last night (after leaving for work at 6am) and I got up with him at 5 this morning to help him get ready to go back in.
Thursday afternoon the kids and I painted our son's room with the background blue for the ocean. Yesterday afternoon I mowed - after an extremely dry spring and early summer (just long enough to ruin our garden) we have been getting quite a bit of rain and now the grass is going nuts.
While we were having lessons in the morning I left the chickens in their coop... knowing that the mowing would stir up lots of grasshoppers & likely lure them out into the road (the chickens). I believe I mentioned that last year we had a hen get hit out on the road - we do have a beautiful fence but the portion facing the road is made of wood posts and cattle panel. Turns out our chickens are just the right size to fit through the panel grid. :p
Anyhow... Some of the pullets decided that no coop was going to ruin their grasshopper hunt and they started to fly out. So we added clipping wings to our daily chores. The birds weren't pleased... but hopefully it will go a little way to avoiding vehicular homicide. - Joyce Brandon


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