Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ruth An's Shih Tzu

I did this little Shih Tzu painting for a very sweet lady who thought she killed my dog. Sawyer actually ran into her car and she was so upset thinking he was hurt... Our goofy dog was fine (she had slowed way down and I think he ran out thinking she was going to pull into our drive and bonk!) but I thought poor Ruth An was going to have a heart attack. I'd never met her before, but she came up to the house and told me what had happened. She was just on the way home after taking her own little dogs to the vet and she was such an animal lover that I called her later to make sure she knew our pup was OK and decided I'd paint a piece for her just to thank her for stopping - so many people wouldn't!

"O for Okapi"

This is my latest ACEO. I love Okapi - they are so beautiful and so unusual. Months ago I'd made plans for an Animal Alphabet Series and this is my first to be listed. It's currently up for auction in my eBay store DreamHorseGallery - Joyce Brandon


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